Mom, I love you.

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Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. “Yes, sometimes simple words do the magic. There is nothing more powerful than hugging your mom with your two arms. And whisper: “Mom, I love you.”

  1. Dear Mom, it is hard to find you a perfect gift or a perfect bouquet. Perfection doesn’t exist, but you do. You are simply the most outstanding teacher, kindest person, and my best friend. This card may not be perfect…

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  1. You want 10 000 or a Million followers overnight.
  2. You think X amount of followers make your content shine and the best.
  3. You are not adding value with your posts.
  4. You are scrolling endlessly on Social Media without realizing how much time you have wasted.
  5. You only WANT followers and SALES.
  6. You do not have…

“How to grow your Instagram account fast?” — Not everything is true

Georgia de Lotz

4 am where the magic happens, or stop scrolling.

The most effective way to grow your Instagram following in 2021

Do not underrate the power of new platforms

Original picture of Clubhouse by Ms.B Lifestyle

What to do with small, Medium, or other Passive income payouts?

Photo by Katie Harp on Unsplash

But who says NO to some extra MONEY?

How to keep your following in order without using a third-party app.


How to know who unfollowed you on Instagram without using a third-party app?

Third-party apps are a big NO-NO!


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