Some of us already got paid; everything you need to know is how to get started.

Yes, it`s official — The first payouts are already out there & I can officially say that IG is now paying for the Creators.

Before we jump into MONEY and 1 BILLION, we need to keep in mind that this 1 Billion will be divided between Instagram and Facebook. (here I am sharing my latest updates and news)

Times have changed, and Instagram announced that they are going to pay for their creators.

Instagram recently announced that they are no longer JUST a photo-sharing app and trying to encourage those who make videos ( Reels and IGTV).

It looks like after many years when Instagram has considered itself as solely owning the “market” in the marketing world. They have decided that to keep the young audience interested in their app, they need to make changes…

Instagram also announced that they are FINALLY thinking of starting to pay CREATORS.

(I will touch this subject a little bit below)

Yes, I can see that Instagram is going through some changes, which means the…

I Ended up in the hospital, and the story continues.

Before we jump into my Covid Vaccine story, I would like to clarify that I am no anti-vaccine and do not plan to share any “hate” or negative information.

I am sharing my Vaccine story because I was ultimately shocked about the doctor’s answer when this happened to me.

June 10th, my first Covid Vaccine dose.

During this day, I felt good, didn’t feel any anxiety or anything particular. I was relieved that finally, I can have my dose and hopeful that this summer will be more/less normal. Since last year summer was pretty much “canceled.”


Mistakes that you can fix today & earn money with your Instagram account.

Yes, Micro-influencers are a “Hot demand “ for brands and businesses. Here is how to make money with your Instagram account.

This article will go through a step-by-step strategy to make money as a micro-influencer and approach brands. Also a bonus, you can download a FREE media kit template that has helped me and other influencers to earn money & grow their visibility.

Who is MICRO Influencer?

Normally, a micro-influencer has about 1k — 10 K followers on their social media and a decent engagement rate. An influencer is the one who shares about the products, services they use, and their lifestyle or information…

Do I need thousands/ millions of Instagram Followers to make money on Instagram? — NO

Photo by Callie Morgan on Unsplash

Often I see how small creators hold themselves back on making money on Instagram because they falsely believe that they need millions of followers before making money on Instagram.

It may become a surprise, but many small creators out there are making more than 10 000 a month while they have just 2000–5000 followers.

But how they make money on Instagram in 2021? In the following article, you find 6 different options for how to make money on Instagram.

  1. How to make money as Instagram Influencer?
  2. How to make money with affiliate marketing?
  3. How to sell your digital products or online courses?
  4. How to make money as a writer on Instagram?
  5. How to make money as a photographer on Instagram?
  6. Latest Instagram update — Instagram starts Paying for Creators!

In this article, I cover step by step How you can make money with Instagram.

Once you have your first 1000 followers — Become a micro-influencer.

How? First, open an Instagram account & think through which…

Mom, I love you.

Design your custom card on

Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. “Yes, sometimes simple words do the magic. There is nothing more powerful than hugging your mom with your two arms. And whisper: “Mom, I love you.”

Mother’s day is just around the corner and does not forget to send a beautiful card and gift for your mother. Sometimes it is hard to know what to say, write or express your feelings. Copy these mother’s day wishes, quotes, or messages and make your Mom happy.

Design your mother’s day card on — simple, easy, and elegant.

  1. Dear Mom, it is hard to find you a perfect gift or a perfect bouquet. Perfection doesn’t exist, but you do. You are simply the most outstanding teacher, kindest person, and my best friend. This card may not be perfect…

“Fake it till you make it” doesn`t work in 2021.

Credits to Unsplash.

Have you been stuck with your Instagram growth and wondering how to grow your Instagram organically?

Before we are heading to those Secret Instagram hack`s, let me tell you why your account is not growing:

  1. You want 10 000 or a Million followers overnight.
  2. You think X amount of followers make your content shine and the best.
  3. You are not adding value with your posts.
  4. You are scrolling endlessly on Social Media without realizing how much time you have wasted.
  5. You only WANT followers and SALES.
  6. You do not have…

“How to grow your Instagram account fast?” — Not everything is true

Georgia de Lotz

When you type on Google: “How to grow my Instagram following fast?”, there will be tons of information and tips on how to use this or that method. But there is also information that is not accurate and doesn`t help to grow your account. Instead, it can harm your strategy and long-term goal.

Some of these strategies may work for some of you, but here is more about “luck” than actually working. Because if we talk about strategy, then these steps work 90% of the time and are accurate.

Many of us who are new on Instagram find it difficult…

4 am where the magic happens, or stop scrolling.

Many of you might be cringing at the moment when you hear that Waking up at 4 am is the best thing ever. But I am about to tell you how it changed my life and my little secret that can change your life.

I am a mother of 2 little kids, and I have my full-time marketing/photography business. I am this lucky person who can do the job I am passionate about, and at the same time, spend my time with my children and family. I do not need to trade time in between these two.

In recent years…

The most effective way to grow your Instagram following in 2021

Instagram Reels is the most effective way to grow your Instagram in 2021. As we know, Video marketing works the best over the past year. Short but effective, this is why TikTok became very popular. Short videos (15 seconds) were effective and entertaining.

Recently I read a lot about how Reels helps build a faster following and grow the account`s visibility. While there are many “Marketing Gurus” out there, who tell you what to do, while never did it by themselves. I decided to make some tests with different accounts I manage.

I made some tests with a couple of…


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